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Can you manufacture any product configuration?
You can use product configurator in order to fit the specification to your needs. Some complex configurations need some custom changes in the device or just aren’t possible due to the limited performance or expansion slots number. For these configuration, please confirm the specs with our Sales Department. 
Which ModBerry / Moduino platform should I choose?
Moduino devices are designed as an end-point controller and ModBerry devices can serve as a gateway for your installation. However, depending on the configuration, both devices can feature specific I/Os, communication interfaces and support common protocols. Main 2 differences between the platforms are:

  1. Moduino utilizes energy saving dual-core processor and limited amount of pSRAM. Therefore the number of connected devices (e.g. meters, sensors) is limited too. For complex data management and high performance, the ModBerry platform is much more suitable, especially considering the fact that it provides quad-core processing units and support of Linux and/or Windows IoT environment.
  2. Moduino can work on battery, independently from AC power source – perfect for scattered installations. ModBerry is more stationary, but with UPS options too.

If you need help with configuration or considering different options – feel free to contact us!

Are your products CE certified?
We can provide a CE Declaration of Conformity for our products. If you have any other cerfiticate in mind, please contact our Sales Department via Live Chat.
I purchased one of your products and need help with it. Where should I go?
All the documentation will be provided with the purchase. In order to access the manuals, please visit: and login with provided details. If you haven’t received or lost them, please contact with our Sales Department. Service requests should be made by the technical support portal TechBase Support Portal ( immediately after identifying malfunction.



Why can't I see prices after Registration?
To see the prices you must be Authorized by our Sales Department. To speed up the process please contact us via e-mail or Live Chat. This is required as part of our agreement with the manufacturer. 
Who can purchase your IIoT products?
Placing orders is possible only for legal entities and companies. Registration of private clients and natural persons or organizational units without legal personality is not possible, and orders placed by them will not be binding. We are working on b2b (business-to-business) model only.
How can I place orders?
1. Via our automated IIoT-Shop system.

2. Via e-mail form.

3. Via Live Chat with our consultants.

How can I pay for my orders?
1. With PayPal.

2. With Credit card (using PayPal system).

3. With regular money bank transfer.

How fast can you ship ordered units?
Some basic configurations of our devices, e.g. Moduino can be shipped in a short period of time, since we have them on stock. More complex configurations or modem options for various bands/countries need to be completed. Therefore the typical shipment time may vary from 2 up to 4 weeks. Please consult our Sales Department via Live Chat in order to receive accurate information.


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