NVMe SSD RAID array for Raspberry Pi cm4

With latest Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, the Raspberry Foundation added NVMe SSD support via M.2 (PCIe 2.0) interface. Jeff Geerling tested 3 piece M.2 SSD RAID array which is another example how Compute Module 4 is a milestone in IoT applications.

SSD/eMMC benchmark scores for Compute Module 4

With the debut of Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and ModBerry 500 CM4 from TECHBASE, another addition came to Industrial Controllers and Edge Automation. New module carried the likelihood to associate NVMe SSD module by means of M.2 slot utilizing PCIe 2.0 interface.

We took our ModBerry 500 CM4 device, utililizing latest Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and carried two test:

  • eMMC built-in standard Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
  • selected NVMe SSD via M.2 slot

Both eMMC and SSD drive perfomed truly well, accomplishing extremely high benchmark score: 5078 for eMMC and unbelivable 13807 for NVM. SSD. For direct correlation, you can check a few tests performed by over 20.000 clients of this benchmark here: https://jamesachambers.com/2020s-fastest-raspberry-pi-4-storage-sd-ssd-benchmarks/?amp

Score of eMMC on ModBerry 500 CM4
Score of NVMe SSD on ModBerry 500 CM4

More benchmark scores can be found here: https://storage.jamesachambers.com/

Order next batch of Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 devices

TECHBASE’s ModBerry 500 series has gotten an update to Compute Module 4 and is accessible for pre-orders. TECHBASE is leading producer of Industrial Raspberry Pi and Industrial Compute Module applications. ModBerry 500 series is completely viable with all arrivals of Compute Module from Rasbperry Pi Foundation.

Primary highlights of refreshed device are:

  • up to 4x quicker eMMC Flash with up to 32GB capacity
  • up to 2x quicker execution than recent CM3 rendition with quad-center Cortex-A72 4×1.5GHz
  • up to 8x more RAM (8GB LPDDR4)
  • 1Gbit Ethernet interface
  • discretionary PCIe card support for NVMe SSD by M.2
  • discretionary second PCIe support for remote modem arrangements, for example 5G modems

First group of ModBerry 500 CM4 devices has just been dispatched, we are gathering orders for next batch. Hustle just a bit to get your devices rapidly!

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