Industrial IoT Partnership Program

Industrial IoT Shop, official distributor of TECHBASE equipment, announces new IoT Parnetship Program for Software and Cloud Developers. In order to participate in the program, you must register your Company as a Partner via our Sales Department. Please contact us directly via Live Chat or message with form below. Folow these steps to start earning more with your Software installed on our Industrial IoT devices.

Iot Parntership Program

Are you a Software Developer/IoT Consultant and you need a reliable IoT device? Look no more!

Are you a Software/Cloud Developer or IoT Consultant for Industry and you need a reliable Industrial IoT hardware? Look no further! Industrial IoT Shop can provide you with industrial-grade, sturdy and fully customizable devices to serve as a hardware platform for your Software applications. Hundreds of Raspberry Pi / ESP32 based device’s variations are available to order by your Clients. Your main and only task is to convince them to use our hardware.

Iot Parntership Program

Register now via E-mail or Live Chat to our new IoT Partnership Program and boost your income!

Register to our IoT Partnership Program. Contact our Sales Department to establish terms of cooperation, order bonus stakes, form of mutual marketing and technical details. We are open to wide range of forms of partnership and distribution. Feel free to contact us!

Iot Parnership Program

Every Industrial IoT device ordered by your Customer with special code will turn into a bonus

Partnership bonus from each hardware order may vary. The amount of awarded bonus up to 10% of total order value and may increase during the Partnership Program. For specific details adress your IoT Partnership Contract.

Iot Parnership Program

Establish a new source of income with our IoT Partnership Program and increase your earnings

You develop your software, we deliver the hadware – complete solution for your Customers. For every device sold you will receive a certain percentage of order value. The bigger project, the larger income!

Industrial IoT

Fill your IoT Partnership Program details and we will get back to you as soon as possible!