Industrial eModGATE Controller powered by Espressif’s ESP32 module equipped with ultra-low power Dual-Core Tensilica LX6 240 MHz processor with 4MB (8MB options available) pSRAM and up to 16MB SPI flash memory on-board. Integrated Wi-Fi/BLE modem and extra wireline/wireless interfaces make the Moduino micro-computer a versatile addition to our Industrial IoT solutions.

Prices for base device & options are represented for minimal purchase quantity. To receive a certain discount amount (5%, 10%, etc.), order in bulk – details below.

Delivery time: aprox. 2-4 weeks (depending on configuration, ask us via chat)

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eModGATE ESP32 Arduino

End-point DATA management

ESP32-based eModGATE controller series is utilizing MicroPython environment to provide data management solutions for end-points applications. Sharing base components with Moduino ESP32 computers, latest series of EDGE converters and similar functionalities of iMod platform – eMod is a perfect solution for low-cost, low power consuming and remote installations. The eModGATE has built-in Wi-Fi/BT modem and can be equipped with additional serial ports, analog/digital/relay IOs, Ethernet, wireless modems, OLED display, battery power support, SuperCap support, IP65-67 & Aluminum cases.

iModGATE / eModGATE Ecosystem

Cost-effective & WIRELESS

eModGATE is a lightweight, but powerful energy-efficient and fully capable automation controller series equipped with eMod software solution – an industrial computer for remote data control and management, powered with latest ESP32-WROVER compute module (optionally with ESP32-WROVER-B and Pycom development boards), wide range of serial, digital and analog inputs/outputs and wireless communication interfaces. This cost effective solution is perfect for end-point of your installation.


Two multi-sized units X0/X1 and more capable X2/X3/X4 represent diversified approach to IIoT installations for remote data access & management. The main difference between Moduino X0/X1 and it’s larger brother Moduino X2/X3/X4 series, apart from size, is a battery power support for X0 due to lower energy demand, making it independent from local power grid – perfect for remote installations and scattered objects monitoring. Both solutions can be powered by regular power supply with UPS support (LiPo & Supercapacitor batteries).

Industrial IoT Layers

Supported OS & SOFTWARE

Use of ESP32-WROVER / WROVER-B compute module adds the support for real-time operating systems (compared to most Raspberry Pi based Linux and Windows OS versions), and openness of the Espressif’s platform to eModGATE industrial automation controller. Thanks to enormous community of ESP32 and Arduino users and developers, the eModGATE can now adapt existing software solutions, tools and programming environments, for example:

  • MicroPython
  • Arduino (C++)
  • ESP-IDF (Espressif IoT Development Framework)
  • Zephyr Project (scalable RTOS)
  • Mongoose OS, etc.

Additional information

Controller Platform


Wireless Modem

3G/LTE, Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS, LoRa, NarrowBand-IoT, Sigfox, Wi-Fi, Wireless M-Bus, ZigBee


Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, CAN, Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Ethernet, M-Bus, M-Bus Slave, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485

Additional features

Battery ready, IP67, OLED screen, UPS SuperCap, Wide temp. range


Modbus, MQTT

eModGATE based on Moduino X Datasheet


View full PDF datasheet of Moduino X device

TECHBASE Gateway Ecosystem Brochure


View full PDF brochure of Gateway Ecosystem

Raspberry Pi & ESP32-based