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Hyperautomation and IoT as inevitable road of every business

Hyperautomation is a process in which businesses automate as numerous commerce and IT forms as conceivable utilizing apparatuses like AI, machine learning, event-driven computer program, mechanical process automation, and other sorts of choice prepare and task automation instruments. It is the key to both computerized operational greatness and operational resiliency for organizations. To empower this, organizations had to digitize their documents/artifacts and guarantee their trade and IT process workflows were advanced. They got to mechanize tasks, processes and coordinate computerization over utilitarian zones. Hyperautomation is irreversible and inevitable. Everything that can and should be […]

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Battery powered IoT devices a 2020+ standard

Technology must transfer data to the central system in real time, otherwise it may have negative consequences. If the sensor battery power runs out, a machine failure may stop production for one day or lead to direct danger. If battery life is unbelievable and short, IoT applications will become useless, causing more interference rather than […]

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Almost half of IoT developers use AI in their projects

The latest research results from IoT Newark developers reveal that 49% of respondents use AI in their IoT applications. There is also a growing concern about user privacy and the more frequent introduction of ready equipment. 35% of respondents think security is the major concern for any IoT implementation, mainly due to the type of […]

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